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 Thomas Wooten: Master Blacksmith - Artist <br><small>Hand-forged Home and Garden Art</small>

Thomas Wooten:

Meet the Artist
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I label myself as a Blacksmith. I design and create hand-forged Home & Garden Decor, using traditional and modern blacksmithing techniques and tools, heated in fire, then forged and shaped on an anvil. Solid Steel, Copper and Bronze are my most commonly used metals. To enhance the forged elements, I often use wood and stone. I apply my own durable finishes & patinas, but for my products that are outdoors, year-round, a more weather-resistant finish, called powder-coat is applied. Each artistically unique original is made solely by myself, with hands-on quality workmanship, utmost attention to detail, and then stamped with my logo.

My Hand-forged Metal Product line includes: Shepherd’s Staff Plant Hangers in a variety of styles & sizes, Wall and Ceiling-Mount Brackets to hang them from, Copper Patina Flowerpots, Plant Stands, Wind Vanes, Furniture, Fireplace Tools, Sculpture and Architectural Hardware.

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